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ArtsCentric would like to thank everyone who donated to our 2019 season. Each year keeps getting better because of our selfless donors.   


Benefactor's Circle

$5,000 or more

Founder's Circle

$2,500 - $4,999









$1,000 - $2499

Lynn Cripps

Holly Hassett

Peter Kibler

John Porter

SDS Solutions, Inc.

Paul Tetrault & John E. Jeter

Producer's Circle

Director's Circle

$500 - $999

Alan Savada

Steven Siegmund & Kristin Fox

Sequina DuBose

Leslie Malin

Roy McAllister

Elizabeth Ridgeway

Tanya Speed

Patron's Circle

$249 - 499

Sponsor's Circle

$100 - $249

Kelli Blackwell

Carl DuPont

DC Charms, Inc.

Ellouise Griffin

Kim Harris

H. William & Diane Molner

Chelsea Paradiso

Brian Ransdell

Lori Revitz

Dorothy Samuels

Allan Shapiro

Kent and Brenda Smith

Deborah Smith & Alfred Tetrault

Chrissy Thornton

Devron Young

Friend's Circle

up to $99

Charles Abel

Jasmin Alston

Suzanne Antisdel

Rebecca Atwater

Kenneth Blackwell

Veronica Boggs

Adrienne Brown

Kathy Brown

Vivian Brown

Wesley Brown and Sharon Powell

Megan Bunn

Dallea Caldwell

Tamekia Collins

Matthew Crenson

Deana Cruz-Connor

Joy Dobson

Carl DuPont

Seth Fallon

James Fitzpatrick

Joseph and Sue Garonzik

Kathy Glyshaw

Azure Grimes

Della Hatcher

Shalyce Hemby

Bruce Henderson

Myra Hettleman

Samuel Hopkins

Ethna Hopper

Karen Heyward-West

Sabrina Jones

Frances Keene

Hope Kent

James Kinstle

Chiara Klein

Judith Knee

Courtney Lowe

Shayla Lowe

Mary Malkus

Irvina Mallory

Anthony Marcicano

Catina McLaghan

Mishael Miller

Adelina Mitchell

Marthe Motley

Yolanda Muhammad

Margaret Mullins

Kathleen Paradiso

Nykee Parker

George Person

Carolyn Philip

Shelley Purnell

Lori Revitz

Shayna Rose

Rebecca Shillenn

Jacquinn Sinclair

Michelle Solloway

Alice Thomas

Karen Thomas

Chennel Waters

Edward Washington II

Tiara Whaley

Thank you to all who made 2019 a success.  2020 made seem a little scary right now,  but the art of storytelling has survived it all.  ArtsCentric plans to be ready when theatre is back and ready to take our storytelling to the next level.  If you would like to contribute to our future, please click the button below.   We love you .  We thank you.  We are ArtsCentric because of you.

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