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ArtsCentric is committed to education and the gift it bestows upon our community. Programs for all ages are now being offered.

ArtsCentric is a strong community of makers and lovers of the performing arts. Our home has always been a safe-space for learning, entertainment, and inspiration! During these trying times, our mission has not changed. We are proud to launch ArtsCentric Academy, with virtual dance and music sessions, interactive theater courses, and artist and community development workshops. ArtsCentric Academy is your virtual, lock-down shop for having a “good ole time,” while sharpening your performance and technical skills. The ongoing 2020 COVID-19 health crisis has greatly impacted ArtsCentric’s plan to produce live theater, and has encouraged some difficult changes and adjustments. In lieu of public and independent schools closing,  ArtsCentric has decided to postpone our youth summer institute (ASI), and cancel launching ASI, Jr. until June 2021. On the bright side, we’ve decided to expedite our plans to offer classes and workshops to a modified virtual platform, ArtsCentric Academy (online)! This fantastic opportunity is completely free of charge. FREE! It only requires an online registration! Don’t miss out on a chance to work and play with the best instructors around. Register today to learn the tools to become the singer, dancer and actor you’ve always wanted to be. Welcome to the very first session of ArtsCentric Academy! Let's get to work. 


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