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Once On This Island

Runs: Aug 4, 2023 - Aug 27, 2023

Rehearsals begin: June 24, 2023 


ALL ROLES OPEN.  Please note this production will aims to reflect the diverse community of the French Antilles.  All persons of color are encouraged to audition.  


Ti Moune: Female, high belt, vocal range G3-E5

Peasant girl and who our story revolves around. She falls in love with Daniel Beauxhomme, and makes a promise to the gods to save his life.

Daniel Beauxhomme: Male, Tenor, vocal range C#3-F#4

Wealthy male and romantic lead. He falls in love with Ti Moune after she saves his life.

Asaka: Female, Mezzo/Soprano, vocal range A3-E5

The Mother of the Earth. She guides Ti Moune on land to find Daniel – big bawdy presence with an amazing belt and a great sense of humor.

Agwe: Male, Baritone, vocal range B2-E4

The God of Water, he guides Ti Moune and provides the place where Daniel and Ti Moune meet.

Erzulie: Female, Soprano, vocal range A3-C#5

The Goddess of Love, she wins the bet with the gods that love is stronger than death. She is the nicest of the gods.

Papa Ge: Male, Tenor, vocal range C3-G4

A God and the sly demon of death. He plans to take Daniel Beauxhommes’ life to prove to all the gods that death is stronger than love.

Mama Euralie: Female, Alto, vocal range Gb3-B4

Peasant. The adoptive mother of Ti Moune, with a strong belief in the gods. Wife of Tonton Julian.

Tonton Julian: Male, Baritone, vocal range G3-E4

Peasant farmer, the adoptive father of Ti Moune. Husband of Mama Euralie


Andrea Deveraux: Female, Mezzo

A wealthy beauxhomme,  

Little Ti Moune: Female, Age 10-14, no taller than 58″


(at Balimore Center Stage) 

Runs November 25, 2023 - December 23, 2023

Rehearsals begin September 30, 2023 


* Please note all roles are for African-Americans and all persons cast will have to learn a West African Accent. 

CINDERELLA A shy but beautiful orphaned girl who lives with her wicked stepmother and mean stepsisters.


FAIRY GODMOTHER Lovable, fun character role who fulfills Cinderella’s wish to go to the ball.

STEPMOTHER Unkind to Cinderella yet dotes on her own two miserable offspring.


GRACE One of Cinderella's stepsisters; the awkward one.


JOY Cinderella's other stepsister; the sullen one; with an unique laugh.


QUEEN CONSTANTINA Prince Christopher's mother; she wants the best for her son, and tries to keep the King in line.

PRINCE CHRISTOPHER A youthful, handsome but reluctant prince searching for his true love.


KING MAXIMILIAN Prince Christopher’s father, who gives the young man advice; but is very comedic.

LIONEL The prince’s Royal Steward; and his true ally.

r Ensemble Roles of Merchants, Animal Roles of Cat, Dove*(possibly with puppet) and Horses, footman, coachman, Ball and Wedding Guests.

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