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Sunday, February 25th @ 3p-9p

Monday, February 26th @ 6p-10p



2600 N. Howard Street

Baltimore, MD 21218



Please prepare 1 short song and/or 1 short monologue.  Auditions may not exceed 3 minutes total. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring two copies of your headshot and resume stapled together. Selections from the upcoming season are allowed.

*There will be no advanced appointments for these auditions. First come, first serve basis. Sign-ups will begin 30 minutes before the start of auditions.


  • Prepare two (2) brief contrasting monologues.

  • Prepare one (1) 32-bar selection that fits the style of R&B, Pop or Musical Theatre. Singing with an audio recording is recommended. Selections from any of the season shows are acceptable.


*Total audition time must not exceed 3 minutes.

**A cappella submissions will not be considered for review.

***Persons without a headshot/picture and resume, will also not be considered.




Prepare 45 seconds to a minute routine of freestyle in any dance genre. Choreographed routine will be give during callbacks.

Callbacks are to be determined.




Video submissions will be accepted from Monday, February 19, 2024 at 12:00 pm EST to Monday, February

26, 2024 at 5:00 pm EST.





Kevin McAllister, Artistic Director

Cedric D. Lyles, Music Director

Shalyce Hemby, Resident Choreographer

Kelli Blackwell, Production Manager

Asia-Ligé Arnold, Casting Director

Production Description



Non-Union/Equity Actors: 18+



Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations


Season rehearses and performs in Baltimore, MD. ArtsCentric’s 2024-2025 season will

be performed indoors at ArtCentric’s Main Stage. If you have not begun the COVID-19

vaccination process, then please do so because ALL CAST MEMBERS MUST BE FULLY



Compensation & Union Contract Details


Non-union compensation: Stipend given after final performance.

Equity compensation: Guest Artist Contract pay (varies).


Key Details

Seeking talent from:

Maryland, DC and Virginia


Additional Materials


Season Breakdown


The character breakdowns within this document include gender specifications that

reflect that identity of the characters as written by the playwrights. However, we

strongly encourage performers with any gender expression and/or gender identity to

audition for any role.


“for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf”


Director: Kevin McAllister

Choreographer: Shalyce Hemby

Music Director: Cedric D. Lyles

First rehearsal: March 9, 2024

First preview: April 19, 2024

Opening: April 29th

Closing: May 17, 2024 (Possible Extension) 

All roles are open. All roles are African-American, African, and Afro-Latin women. All

roles are female-identifying.

Ntozake Shange's first work and most acclaimed theater piece which captures the

brutal, tender, and dramatic lives of contemporary Black women, "For Colored Girls..."

offers a transformative, riveting evening of provocative dance, music and poetry and is

performed by a cast of seven women characters.


Lady in Yellow, Lady in Purple, Lady in Brown, Lady in Red, Lady in Blue, Lady in

Orange, Lady in Green: Female identifying, 18+

Known only by a color, these ladies are storytellers of a “choreopoem” that weave

together 20 separate poems with music, movement and narratives to tell the stories of

love, empowerment, and struggle and loss in a complex representation of sisterhood.

Mature subjects from rape, abandonment, abortion, and domestic violence are

tackled. African-American, African, Afro-Latina. Principal roles.


Ensemble Dancers/Singers: Female identifying, 18 to late 20s.

We are exploring the possibility of casting an ensemble of dancers and singers for this

production. African-American, African, Afro-Latina. Supporting roles.


"The Scottsboro Boys"


Director: Kevin McAllister

Choreographer: Shalyce Hemby

Music Director: Cedric D. Lyles

Pre-Rehearsal Workshop: April 1, 2024

First rehearsal: April 25, 2024

First preview: June 12th

Opening: June 14th

Closing: July 14th (Possible Extension)



All roles are open. All roles are African American. All ages listed are playing ages and

are just a suggestion and will be adjusted to fit the needs of our casting.

The Scottsboro Boys is a story told through the vehicle of a minstrel show, is based on

the true story of the Scottsboro Boys: 9 Black men who were falsely accused of rape,

arrested, and sentenced to death in 1931.


Interlocutor: Male identifying/presenting, 30-60.

A southern gentleman, kindly, who oversees the Minstrel Show. Loves to recall the

good old days that never were. The Interlocutor served as the Master of Ceremonies

for the traditional minstrel show. Typically played by a white man, the interlocutor

conducted the proceedings, often portraying the fictionalized persona of a genteel

southern plantation owner. Singer who can moderately dance. Range: C3–C4.

Ethnicity: White/European Descent. Principal role.


Mr. Tambo: Male identifying/presenting, 20-30.

The end man. Funny, inventive comedian and song-and-dance man. In addition to

playing Mr. Tambo, he plays a wide variety of characters including a prison guard,

southern lawyer, and Samuel Leibowitz. The traditional minstrel show incorporates

the antics of the two end men known as Mr. Tambo and Mr. Bones. The two are called

upon by the Interlocutor to sing songs, tell jokes as well as play a variety of different

characters in skits and stories. Strong dancer. Range: A2–F4. Ethnicity: Black/African

Descent. Principal role.


Mr. Bones: Male identifying/presenting, 20-35.

The other end man. Same requirements as Mr. Tambo. In addition to playing Mr.

Bones, he plays a southern sheriff, prison guard, southern trial lawyer, and a District

Attorney. The traditional minstrel show incorporates the antics of the two end men

known as Mr. Tambo and Mr. Bones. The two are called upon by the Interlocutor to

sing songs, tell jokes as well as play a variety of different characters in skits and

stories. Strong dancer. Range: Ab2–E4. Ethnicity: Black/African Descent. Principal



The Lady: Female identifying/presenting, 25-50.

A southern seamstress in her early 40’s. Working class. She observes the action. She is

smart, clear-headed, compassionate and brings a sense of humanity to the story.

Good mover. Range: Non-specific. Ethnicity: Black/African Descent. Principal role.


Haywood Patterson: Male identifying/presenting, 18-25.

Hotheaded. Smart. Willing to go up against the authorities, no matter what the cost.

Willing to speak his mind and face the consequences. Strong dancer. Range: B2–C5#.

Ethnicity: Black/African Descent. Principal role.


Andy Wright: Male identifying/presenting, 18-25.

Andy Wright left his native Chattanooga on a Southern Railroad freight train headed

for Alabama, accompanied by his younger brother Roy. Strong dancer. Range: F2–F4.

Ethnicity: Black/African Descent. Principal role.


Roy Wright: Male identifying/presenting, 20-25.

Likable. Curious. Always going a little further than he should. Likes to show off. He

knows how to read. Strong dancer. Range: B2–Bb4. Ethnicity: Black/African Descent.

Principal role.


Eugene Williams: Male identifying/presenting, 13-20.

The youngest of them all. Naïve. Constantly has bad dreams. Tries to act tough, but is

still a kid. Doesn’t understand what is happening. Also plays: Young George, The little

white boy selling souvenirs. Strong dancer. Range: A2–A4. Ethnicity: Black/African

Descent. Principal role.


Clarence Norris: Male identifying/presenting, 18-25.

The bully. Ornery. Starts fights. Belligerent. Determined to stand up for himself.

Ultimately, when he gets the chance, he doesn’t. Also plays: The Preacher, a fire and

brimstone prison minister who is just a little too anxious to please the white jailers.

Strong dancer. Range: G2–F4. Ethnicity: Black/African Descent. Principal role.


Willie Roberson: Male identifying/presenting, 16-21.

The silent one—who is resourceful. Everyone thinks he is stupid—but he isn’t. Able to

steal things from the guards. Strong dancer. Range: B2–A4. Ethnicity: Black/African

Descent. Principal role.


Ozie Powell: Male identifying/presenting, 18-25.

The smart one who understands exactly what is going to happen to all of them. Quiet,

but very aware. Also plays: Ruby Bates, a white girl who is a little dim who ultimately

recants the rape charge. Strong dancer. Range: B2–C5. Ethnicity: Black/African

Descent. Principal role.


Charles Weems: Male identifying/presenting, 18-25.

Likes to exaggerate. Always acting bigger than he really is. Also plays: Victoria Price, a

white girl who sticks to her story. Mean, tough, tries to play the southern flower but

can’t. Strong dancer. Range: B2-C5. Ethnicity: Black/African Descent. Principal role.


Olen Montgomery: Male identifying/presenting, 18-25.

Willing to say anything, do anything, just to get out. Strong dancer. Range: B2–A4.

Ethnicity: Black/African Descent. Principal role.

"The Bodyguard"

Director: Kevin McAllister

Choreographer: Shalyce Hemby

Music Director: Cedric D. Lyles

First rehearsal: June 15, 2024

First preview: August 2, 2024

Opening: August 8, 2024

Closing: August 25, 2024 (Possible Extension)

All roles are open. All ethnicities welcomed.

The Bodyguard tells the story of Rachel Marron, a famous pop superstar who becomes

the target of a stalker. In need of protection, she hires Frank Farmer, a former Secret

Service agent with a steadfast commitment to his duty. As Rachel and Frank’s

professional relationship develops, a deep and unexpected connection blossoms

between them.


The Bodyguard explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the lengths one is willing to go

to protect those they care.


Rachel Marron: Female identifying,18-45

Soprano; Youthful, energetic optimist with a stunning upper register. An Academy

Award-nominated music superstar who is being stalked and sent death threats. She

needs to sing in the style of Whitney Houston and move well. Sings “Run to You" and "I

Have Nothing”. Ethnicity: Black/African Descent. Principal role.


Frank Farmer: Male presenting, 21-45

A former C.I.A agent, physically fit, lithe and athletic; sharp witted and instinctive;

handsome and charismatic. He radiates a silent strength, an American alpha male

type. Frank sings one song in a karaoke style. He need not be a major singer, just have

confidence to sing in front of a theatre audience. Principal role.


Nicki Marron: Female presenting, 21-45

Mezzo-Soprano; Rachel’s older sister, a very

talented singer who has taken a back seat to her sister’s rising star. Quiet type but

attractive. Must be a very strong singer. Nicki must have a very soulful, gospel-tinged

voice. She sings ballads in the show and should have a warm resonance, excellent

pitch and an ability to riff. Supporting role.


Bill Devaney: Male presenting, 21-60

Rachel Marron’s long-standing Manager/Guardian Angel. He has looked after her

from the start and runs her life. A kind a and loyal man who always has Rachel's best

interest at heart. Supporting role.


Tony Scibelli; Male presenting, 21+

Rachel Marron’s security, broad shoulders, narrow hips, classic bouncer physique. He

is fiercely protective of Rachel and would do anything for her. A kind man. Supporting



Sy Spector: Male presenting, 21-60

Tenor: Rachel’s publicist. He is deeply ambitious and doesn’t; suffer fools or indeed

anyone who isn’t doing exactly what he wants. His belief is that the whole Oscar

nomination for Rachel is because of his hard work and his alone. He believes he is her

driving force. All Ethnicities. Supporting role.


Stalker: Male presenting, 21-45,

Tenor; Rachel Maron’s stalker, military type, weird, outcast; should be able to sing

comfortable in a tenor range; has one featured solo vocal line. All Ethnicities.

Supporting role.


Ray Court: Male, 21-60

An experience and knowledgeable CIA Agent; tall, attractive and professional. Lithe

and athletic build similar to Frank Farmer. Should be able to sing in a karaoke style in

the same way as Frank. Advanced singing skills not required. All Ethnicities.

Supporting role.


Fletcher: All Genders, 8-12

Treble/Boy Soprano

Rachel Marron’s son,should be a strong singer with an innate knowledge of pop/soul

idiom. Early Michael Jackson should be used as a reference. Must be able to sing.


Ensemble Chorus/Ensemble: All Genders, 18-60

All Ethnicities.


Background Dancers; All Genders, 18-45 – Strong in Hip-Hop, Partnering and Jazz,

will double as Ensemble Chorus. All Ethnicities. Supporting roles.

Holiday Production presented at Baltimore Center Stage

Director: Kevin McAllister

Choreographer: Shalyce Hemby

Music Director: Cedric D. Lyles

First rehearsal: October 5

First preview: November 30

Opening: December 6, 2024

Closing: December 22, 2024 (Possible Extension)

All roles are open. Breakdown coming soon.

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