JULY 9 - JULY 18



Due to circumstances beyond our control ArtsCentric will launch our amazing virtual season at this summer. If you have purchased your ticket(s) please reach out to our box office to reschedule your date(s). We cannot wait for you to see these wonderful shows. 

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Basic Virtual Subscription



Save over 20% when you buy our basic virtual subscription which gives you one ticket to both The Last Five Years and Technicolor.  

For Single Tickets:


Opening Night Box



​The Opening Night Package gets you access to a private opening night viewing party with the entire cast for both shows. This is an extra special evening because we invite patrons to watch and chat with viewers all around the world as they watch in real time with us.  We will even send you an opening night package so that you may join in a live toast to the production after the viewing ends  This package also includes many behind the scenes invites to private social media sites and a few other surprises. 

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The Black Box



One ticket to each of the virtual programs, cookbooks, coloring books, a black business directory, natural skin products, ArtsCentric paraphernalia and...Much More!!!! This African- American focused box celebrates the Baltimore community and the greatness it possesses by bringing some it's best kept secrets to your door.  Purchasing this box will not only enhance your viewing of Technicolor, but will also help ArtsCentric continue to elevate small businesses.  

The Divorce Party Box



The relationship is over. Their loss! It was the best thing to ever happen to you.  Now the fun can begin.  No more worries about your waistline or being afraid to try new things because they didn't like them.  You're free.  ArtsCentric's Divorce Party Box offers a ticket to The Last Five Years and TechniColor and everything from Spiked Ice Cream to a Single's Adventure Book. ArtsCentric paraphernalia and a few revenge surprises may also be included just to help you get over the fool. 

The ArtsCentric & Chill Box



There's nothing like a night at home with just you and maybe the one you love holding the tv remote getting ready to watch The Last Five Years or TechniColor. Let ArtsCentric help you get comfortable with a ticket to watch both productions, a nice soft blanket, warm socks, a snack pack filled with all your favorite treats and sooooo much more.  The ArtsCentric and Chill Box is a rare treat that dresses you up to relax on the couch.  Don't miss your chance to own these once in a lifetime items only available in this box.  


Support Us Box



The Support Us Box is very personal to us because it means that you the viewer are going above and beyond to not only support our virtual programming but you are also supporting all of the work we are striving to do for our youth in The ArtsCentric Summer Institute, our free classes offered in The ArtsCentric Academy, and our commitment to support the development of young artists.  This box comes with very personal gifts from us here at ArtsCentric.  We can think of no other way to say thank you for support this large than by pouring our undying gratitude into this box.  The gifts are well thought out and extremely connected to promise to you that we will continue to strive for greatness.