For questions regarding your assessment, send an email to  artscentric@gmail.com



Prospective students should select two (2) songs, contrasting in style, that best demonstrate vocal range, musicality, interpretive skills, and acting ability. Bring sheet music in a binder or single sheets taped together that contain full piano accompaniment, not just chord symbols. An accompanist will be provided. Students may not perform a cappella or to an audio recording.



Everyone will be asked to dance. Students will be taught a dance combination which will then be performed in small groups. Evaluation will be based on skill, potential, and the ability to learn the routine.


* Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled assessment to allow for paperwork and photography. 


* Parents will not be permitted into the audition room.


* Digitally recorded assessments are accepted only for prospective students who live out of state. Submissions must contain a singing performance of a Broadway song with accompaniment and a dance combination (ballet, jazz, or tap) performed to music.


* In order to secure a place with ASI, potential students must complete an assessment and have turned in their completed registration form. Parents will be emailed a confirmation once all materials have been received.

This program is best for your child because it will be created for your child. Your child will participate in a skills assessment where their arts skills will be evaluated on technique, knowlege and creativity.  This evaluation will help the staff of ASI develop an individual program that will best suit your child's strengths and weaknesses.  Based on the results, classes, choreography, songs and monologues will be pre-determined for your child and he/she will be placed in the necessary classes needed to become a stronger performer.