Support of an ASI youth ensures that students from all walks of life are guaranteed the best ArtsCentric has to offer.  The worry of paying for their education is lifted and the joy of enhancing their artistic gifts is ensured because of your generosity.  


Sponsor a participant’s full tuition or just give what you can.  Every dollar helps us to buy ballet bars, bring in Broadway actors to give master classes, sponsor teachers, give each participant a professional headshot, perform a fully staged presentation....and more!!


Your gift will change a life!  Thank you for all you can do to help us give more to the world around us.  

“ASI has helped me figure out what I want to do in life, which is performing. ASI is the best thing that has ever happened to me this far in my life. Here I created a family that will always be there for me.” 

~Faith Oliver, ASI Participant 2016

The training and connections I have received over the course of these three weeks will prove invaluable to my career and development as a performer. I truly appreciate the opportunity. The world needs more people supporting artists and fostering artistic expression.“

~Noah Beye, ASI Participant 2017

ArtsCentric Summer Institute had an undeniable impact on me as an artist. I know I developed a stronger classical skill set and more fully integrated storytelling into vocal performance, all thanks to the amazing instructors. People should consider donating to ArtsCentric because not only are they producing fantastic theatre but are also looking to the future to foster the young artists of tomorrow, those who come from many different backgrounds who deserve equal opportunities.” 

~Allison Bradbury, ASI Participant 2015