Produced by ArtsCentric

In Association with Planes Shaper Films

Original Music and Arrangements: Cedric Lyles

Based on the play "Black Nativity" by Langston Hughes

Director: Kevin McAllister

Musical Director: Morgan Turner

Choreographer: Shaylce Hemby

Casting Director: Asia-Lige Arnold


Monday, November 9, 2020 to Monday, November 23, 2020


Casting non-union actor-singers for various principal roles in the filming of Black Nativity. All roles are open for casting. Stipend given after final production shoot.


Lodging (mandatory) and meals are provided for this production.




(mid 40’s) Pastor of Mt. Zion Rising Baptist. Attractive. Life of every party. Father of Darius Jr. A  true man of God and firm believer in Christianity teachings. Deeply sensitive. AFRICAN AMERICAN. Strong SINGING PREACHER. LEAD



(mid 40’s) Darius’s mother, First Lady of Mt. Zion Rising Baptist. Full figured and beautiful. Lover  of hats and loud talking. Always on the bright side of life and finds God’s purpose in all things.  Strong gospel singer. AFRICAN-AMERICAN. STRONG SINGER. LEAD.  


(Must be able to convincingly play 16 years old) A cute nerd. Determined to be just like his dad  when he grows up. Astute in the Word of God. Huge heart. Extremely loving. Always stylish. His  life’s path is set until an accident changes his life forever. He then locks himself away and  struggles to find the kid he used to be. Strong Actor. AFRICAN-AMERICAN. STRONG  SINGER. LEAD.  


(Must be able to convincingly play 16 years old) A girl who is too aware of using her body to  get what she wants. A member at Mt. Zion Rising Baptist. She likes Darius too much. A lover of  Christ but is definitely aware of the power of women. She has a huge secret. AFRICAN AMERICAN. NON SINGING. SUPPORTING.



(Mid 50’s) Homeless friends of Darius, Sr. Always have a joke or anecdote to make the Pastor  laugh. Optimistic in spite of the numerous odds stacked against them.  Alcoholics who have no interest in God. AFRICAN-AMERICAN. NON-SINGING. MINOR SUPPORTING ROLE. 



(Mid 30’s) An officer in the Baltimore Police Department. Firm believer in upholding the law.  Loves his job. New to the community and its people. CAUCASIAN. NON SINGING ROLE.  MINOR SUPPORTING ROLE.  


(Mid 40’s) An officer in the Baltimore Police Department. Firm believer in upholding the law.  Has lost the heart for his job. Very familiar with the people and its citizens. CAUCASIAN.  NON-SINGING ROLE. MINOR SUPPORTING ROLE.  


(No taller than 5’10” and must be able to convincingly play 16) A stunningly beautiful black girl  who embraces natural hair styling and dresses very urban chic. President of the abstinence club  at her school. Is not aware of her beauty and power to control any room she enters. A youth  Sunday school teacher and determined to help Darius find God. AFRICAN-AMERICAN.  STRONG SINGER. SUPPORTING.  


(Must be able to convincingly play 16) Tall and the obvious jock, well built, extremely attractive. Makes everyone around him feel like  they are the most important person in the world. Genuinely likes everyone. Loves to smile. A  firm believer of God because of his girlfriend, Alheri. AFRICAN-AMERICAN. STRONG  SINGER. SUPPORTING ROLE.  


(Mid 40’s) Owner of a landscaping business. Firm man. Heavy set. Has trouble showing his  heart. Loves Darius, Jr. even more than himself but often fails at his attempts to connect.  Fashion is not important. Always has a plan for the future. Not afraid of hardwork. AFRICAN  AMERICAN. SOME SINGING REQUIRED. SUPPORTING ROLE.  


(Mid 40’s) Works at the checkout counter at the local grocery store. Full figured. Loves to tell a  good story whether anyone is listening or not. Loves a good wig. Loves her husband, Marvin  and longs to have more friends. Not afraid to try anything new and always makes sure  everyone else is dragged along on her spontaneous adventures. AFRICAN-AMERICAN.  STRONG SINGER. SUPPORTING ROLE.  


(18 - 25) Attractive. Flashy dresser. A charmer. A street savvy guy who knows the word of God like none other. His mission is to bring Darius, Jr. back to God, by any means necessary. He doesn’t believe in failure. AFRICAN - AMERICAN. NON  SINGING. LEAD  

MR. UMOBILE (40’s and Older) 

Driver’s Ed Instructor. Most boring individual on the planet. Hates his job and  all his students. AFRICAN-AMERICAN. NON-SINGING. MINOR SUPPORTING ROLE  


(Must be able to convincingly play 16) Very poor, yet finds a reason to praise God always. Has  huge unattainable dreams but never doubts his future. Always says things no one finds funny.  Very insecure but greatly loved by Alheri and Brandon, an unlikely friendship. AFRICAN AMERICAN. STRONG SINGER. SUPPORTING ROLE.  

ROY, HAROLD, BUFORD (The Heavenly Hosts)

[30’s and older] The neighborhood singing group that spends most of their time in front of the  liquor store reminiscing over songs they never recorded. They are constantly in rehearsal for an  unknown performance. They love a good joke and never fail to be at their loudest after hours.  AFRICAN-AMERICAN. STRONG SINGERS. MINOR SUPPORTING ROLES.  

4 SQUEEGEE BOYS (Ages 13 - 19)     

New Edition meets B2K. They pull out the  stops to make money when necessary. Wisecracking always and full of stunts. AFRICAN AMERICAN. STRONG SINGERS. (Acrobatics a plus.) MINOR SUPPORTING ROLES.  


The women of the neighborhood.  They know everything and tell anyone who will listen. They never sleep yet they are always  dressed for bed. Very judgmental collective who control the heart of the neighborhood.  AFRICAN-AMERICAN. STRONG SINGERS. SUPPORTING ROLES. 


Singers, Dancers, Actors of all ages and various talents.