Founded by twelve aspiring young artists on April 11, 2003, the company has become a significant source of enlightenment and entertainment for audiences everywhere. The company’s members consist of talented artists, musicians, educators, composers, and playwrights. Many of those members have obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in arts-administration and management, arts-education, and performance; while others have added invaluable "industry working skills" to their resumes.


ArtsCentric is an organization designed to bring quality artistic works and creative services to the community at large. We launch innovative productions of traditional, contemporary and original musicals, plays, and concert works. Additionally, we partner with schools, churches, and community based businesses and organizations to provide entertainment and educational shows for various programs and events. We strive to positively impact a broad and diverse audience base, and uphold high standards of quality entertainment, while using the arts to inform, change, and enhance the lives of others, one audience at a time.