ArtsCentric's Wish List

In-kind donations of goods or services are a great way to support ArtsCentric. If you or your business can provide any of the items or services below, please email: or call (410) 205-5130.



  • Reams of 8.5 x 11 copy paper

  • Trucks to own or borrow or for moving set pieces and costumes

  • Lightly used or new electronics such as an iPad, portable DVD player or reader, land laptop computer

  • A digital camera (Cannon Mark 3 or 4 Series)

  • A commercial grade printer/copier/scanner

  • Rechargeable or standard AA & 18V batteries

  • A washer/dryer machine set



  • Advertising and Design Services

  • Grant-writing services

  • Printing Services

  • Storage Space

  • Videographer and Video Editing Services

  • Photography Services

  • Seamstress Services

  • Volunteers: ushers & front of house, flyer distribution